Name: FAHAD I.
Age, sex:  4, 
Country: Pakistan
First treament: slight


Facial and jaw clefts are among the most frequent human malformations of the face. In India the incidence of lip-jaw-palate-clefts is estimated to be of the order of 1 in 350 births. So every year 35000 children are born who suffer from the consequences of this horrible malformation.

Apart from being the victim of social exclusion in their surroundings, cleft children are exposed to various hindrances. This is already evident during babyhood: caused by the cleft there exists a naso-alveolar connection which hinders them to suck at their mother's breast. Later, ingestion of food is only possible with difficulty since the food is discharged through the nose when swallowing. A lot of facial malformations entail speech problems and limited facial mimicry - smiling becomes a terrible grimace.

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