We are very pleased that you would like to sponsor a child with cleft lip and palate living in a less developed country. Children with cleft lip and palate are severely disfigured and handicapped from birth. Your sponsorship gives them a second chance. Becoming a sponsor is very simple:

Please click the Find your child button. You choose the gender, age (over or under three) and nationality of the child whose operation you would like to sponsor. We will show you photographs of children and their living conditions, and give you a short description of each child. Then you send us the Be my sponsor form and we will mail you the sponsorship documents.
There are many reasons for taking on a cleft-children operation sponsorship
1. Photo of child before and after the first operation
Once you've decided to become a sponsor, we inform the local cleft centre responsible. Two to three months later, you receive photos of the child you're sponsoring after it's had the first operation.

2. Concrete help for a cleft child and the local cleft centre
A cleft children operation sponsorship means helping at a both personalized and general level. And with your financial contribution you'll be helping not only this child but the project as a whole, e.g. training of local doctors and nurses or purchase of medical equipment.
3. Further information after the first operation
Cleft children often need years of treatment until they are completely restored. Our local partner hospitals therefore try to maintain regular contact with the children and their families. Unfortunately, this is not always possible – many parents, for instance, cannot afford the long trip needed to take their child to hospital. We're working on ways of improving this situation. As soon as we receive reports on your sponsored child's follow-up treatments, we pass on the information to you.
4. Varying degrees of severity
The sponsorship contribution varies according to the severity of the cleft condition:

- EUR 200 / CHF 300 for the treatment of a simple cleft condition
- EUR 400 / CHF 600 for the treatment of a moderately severe cleft condition
- EUR 800 / CHF 1,200 for the complex treatment of a severe disability
5. Tax-deductible
Cleft-Children International CCI and its associated organizations such as the Deutsche Cleft-Kinder-Hilfe e.V. have recognized charitable status. You can deduct your sponsorship contribution from taxes in accordance with prevailing laws. We will, of course, send you a tax clearance certificate for the tax authorities every year.
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