We want to ensure that every newborn infant with cleft lips, jaw and palate, the most common of all birth defects, undergoes immediate specialist surgery and comprehensive treatment.

This help rests on two pillars:
Within the framework of Partnerships of Help between developed and less developed countries, our help rests on two pillars:

Firstly, we finance the operations and any other treatment required by newborn babies, children and adults afflicted with cleft lip and palate, in short "cleft".

Secondly, we ensure that centres of excellence in developed countries transfer their knowledge and experience to our hospital partners (cleft centres) in the countries affected. For this purpose we train physicians and nurses and help finance infrastructures. In this way we develop know-how at the local level where it is needed.

We are currently active in the following priority countries:

- India
- Cameroon
- Rumania
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